TORONTO, ONTARIO, August 23, 2018The Toronto Real Estate Board respects the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to not grant leave to hear TREB’s appeal.  The Order of the Tribunal will come into effect in 60 days time, unless it is modified.


As noted by the Supreme Court of Canada, of the approximately 600 leave applications submitted to the Court each year, only about 80 are granted.  The possibility of succeeding in getting an appeal heard is in general remote. The Court's role is not to correct errors that may have been made in the courts below. Rather it grants leave only where its decision is likely to have an impact on society as a whole.


TREB believes personal financial information of home buyers and sellers must continue to be safely used and disclosed in a manner that respects privacy interests and will be studying the required next steps to ensure such information will be protected in compliance with the Tribunal Order once that comes into effect. --John DiMichele, CEO, Toronto Real Estate Board