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Toronto Attractions

Toronto is a dynamic, cultured and prosperous city situated on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. It is the largest urban centre in Canada and the economic engine of the country. According to the United Nations, Toronto is the world's most ethnically diverse city. It is home to people from 169 countries and 80 ethnic groups who speak more than 100 different languages. Despite the challenges that accompany any big city, Toronto is known for being remarkably safe and liveable for people from all walks of life. The city is made up of many distinct neighbourhoods that offer a very strong sense of community to residents and visitors alike. A diverse economy and a flourishing arts scene mean that there is something for everyone in Toronto.

Toronto Hospitals

Locate health services including community care access centres, hospitals and public health units are provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. You can also find community health centres that provide primary health and health promotion programs for individuals, families and communities. These health services provide education and advice on helping families access the resources they need from other community agencies.

School Boards

This school information finder provides useful information about Ontario's education system and schools. Key information about student achievement and school population with links to who currently represents you on your school board is available.