Torrential rainfall across British Columbia forced mass evacuations and extensive damage, with thousands of residents displaced from their homes.

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) REALTOR® Members know the integral role a home plays for individuals and families, which is why our Members have donated $100,000, through TRREB, to the Canadian Red Cross in support of flood and extreme weather relief efforts to offer a helping hand in a time of crisis to our fellow Canadians. With this donation, we are joining the efforts of other organizations, including numerous real estate boards and associations across the country.

Our Members continue to lend a helping hand in other ways to those in need. Since 2008, they have taken part in the $1 per Member per Month Every REALTOR® campaign, allowing organizations and charities to offer vital resources at a time when the most vulnerable in our society need it the most.

Together, we’re working as one to make a difference locally and nationally.

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