TRREB Members continue to offer a helping hand in times of crisis, especially here at home helping our fellow Canadians. 

On behalf of Members, TRREB is donating $50,000 to the Canadian Red Cross for the Alberta Fires Appeal, as part of CREA’s REALTORS® Care fundraising campaign.

Thousands of Albertans are currently displaced from their homes and many communities are affected by widespread fires and poor air quality.

The donations to the Canadian Red Cross will support immediate and ongoing relief, recovery and resilience efforts in response to fires, and community preparedness and risk reduction for future all-hazard disaster events within Alberta.

TRREB Members also continue to step up in other ways to help those in need.

Since 2008, Members have taken part in the $1 per Member per Month Every REALTOR® campaign, allowing organizations and charities to offer vital resources at a time when the most vulnerable in our society need it the most. 

We’re working as one to make a difference locally and nationally.

You can also donate now to make an even bigger impact.

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