Toronto City Council has approved a plan to create more housing opportunities in Toronto neighbourhoods, including "missing middle" housing defined as unit types that fall between a single detached or semi-detached house and a high-rise building. This is consistent with TRREB"s ongoing message to City Council, and other levels of government, that efforts should focus on increasing housing supply, and specifically supply of a greater variety of mid-density housing types.

City Council considered a report from City staff that sets out principles and a process for developing new policies to allow for more housing options in Toronto"s "yellow belt", which refers to the 35% of the City designated as "neighbourhoods", of which 70% only allow detached housing. TRREB has consistently called for the creation of more housing options in the City to increase housing supply. TRREB"s submission to the Planning and Housing Committee supported this initiative and called for it be further streamlined. View TRREB"s submission here.

The next step in this process will be for the City to conduct consultations before developing detailed policies to move ahead with this initiative. TRREB will be monitoring this issue closely and participate in consultations.

You can view the City staff report here.