The Buyer Representation Agreement

The Buyer Representation Agreement is a contract between a REALTOR® and a buyer to find a property.

Interracial couple shaking hands with an agent.

Choosing a REALTOR®

When it comes to just about every kind of contract, signing on the dotted line makes us all a little bit nervous. When selling a home, most people are aware they sign a Listing Agreement with a REALTOR®. But, there is an agreement that REALTORS® ask their home buyers to sign. It’s an agreement that works in favour of buyers, guaranteeing the best real estate service.

When choosing a listing agent, home buyers can decide if they want to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement. If a buyer signs the Buyer Representation Agreement they will work with a REALTOR® exclusively to find a property for a designated period of time. 

A REALTOR® can also add you to the Buyer Registry Service®, to put a buyer’s home must-haves at the top of the list.

The Buyer Registry Service diagram.