2023 Scholarship Winners


Explore the eight winners’ essays, bios, and how their chosen post-secondary studies and career goals could impact the real estate industry in the future. To read their full answers, please click their quotations.

Topic #1

The Ontario government is proposing to swap some of the protected land in the Greenbelt with other land to be protected to allow for development in order to tackle the lack of housing supply in the GTA. What are the pros and cons? Are you for or against this plan, and why?


Ravetta Ravichandran

Ravetta Ravichandran.

“As a physician, I want to push for community designs that contribute to increased physical activity and health in communities. As well, I would advocate for reducing housing insecurity in Ontario, as inadequate housing can have a negative impact on one’s health.”

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Tina Xia

Tina Xia.

“…home buying and selling continues to advance technologically, and this would not be possible without computer engineers…Their contributions will include the further advancement of tools already vital in the industry such as property management software, online real estate markets, and virtual property tools.”

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Ayla Bubber

Ayla Bubber.

“[As] a human rights lawyer…it is only through the application of law and legislation…that we will achieve the goal of improving neighbourhood design and development to be more inclusive and beneficial.”

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Yalda Matin

Yalda Matin.

“I believe the real estate industry is one of the key elements of the private sector that those studying political science and international relations must keep in mind. Real estate impacts local Canadian public policy as well as immigration laws, and thus relations with other countries.”

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Topic #2

Do you think it is better to rent or own? You will always have both renters and owners in the GTA housing market. Which option do you think makes sense for various segments of the GTA population, and why? What might your personal decision be after your post-secondary graduation, and why?


Lukas Othen

Lukas Othen.

“Attaining an undergraduate degree in civil engineering will … contribute to the real estate sector by aiding in conceptualizing, designing and testing pieces of infrastructure that support homeowners, tenants and investors.”

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Eva Chima

Eva Chima.

“As a future dermatologist, I plan to…purchase a commercial property…to open a practice [and] also to invest my income into rental properties and the construction of my very own house.”

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Allenna Tang

Allena Tang.

“I hope to gain experience working in the public sector as a policy analyst. This aligns closely with the real estate industry because policies on renting, housing, and landlord regulations can highly impact the industry.”

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Gajanandi Rajakulenthiran

Gajanandi Rajakulenthiran.

“My…career goals include entering the field of business, specifically management, and this may impact the real estate industry…in the future because a thriving economy is created through the activity of business…”

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