Making the Smart Choice

TRREB Members provide an advantage to buyers and sellers and working with one guarantees that clients like you have a supportive and knowledgeable professional by your side while minimizing risk. Watch this video to learn why TRREB Members are partners in your home ownership journey –protecting you and your investment.

Five advantages you can expect when working with a REALTOR®:

  1. Your deposit is safe and secure.
  2. You are informed of any relationship  between a TRREB Member and the  seller, because you have a right to know. 
  3. You can be sure TRREB Members can lose their license if they behave improperly. 
  4. TRREB Members carry insurance, so you’re protected if something goes wrong. 
  5. You have peace of mind knowing TRREB Members passed a background check. 

You have a right to choose how you want to buy and sell real estate. No matter what you decide, you also have a right to expect you’ll be protected when working with a TRREB Member.